Galva Coat has a philosophy of being a solution for its clients by providing an engineering and manufacturing services focusing on the creation of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings, all types of Street Lighting Poles, Power Transmission Poles, and metal works. We are a team of Engineers, architects, and draftsmen who work with dedication curiosity, and passion for design, engineering, and fabrication.

Our design team assist our clients with engineering solutions and support them with fabrication and installation on site. Through our spectrum of services, ranging from design, manufacturing, and installation, we also offer to manager the complete production process, from the design stage to fabrication and installation.

From our experience with various clients and projects, we realize the importance of being involved in the early stages of a project by assisting the architects and engineers with our engineering and specification expertise, material samples and mock-ups to achieve the best design, avoiding time consuming and costly changes at the later stages of a project. 

We have invested in a highly talented design and engineering team. Each member has strong hands-on experience of designing various types of steel products. 

Our Design Engineers are equipped with the most advanced software such as STAADPRO for Structural Design, custom-made spreadsheets for connections and TEKLA structures, and AutoCAD for structural steel detailing


During the early and tendering stage of any project, we support the construction teams to make her achieve their ideas comes true and improve the constructability of it.Our engineering & technical teams always strives to achieve the best solutions, develop innovative and optimized steel structures considering optimal performance, constructability, budget. 
This process starts with the team being fully aware of the client’s vision and requirements. We collaborate with contractors, and owners through all project stages, from early concept design through project completion and operation.
Galva Coat is equipped with the latest modern fabrication lines to fabricate and craft steel in a complex design by using a bespoke technique.
The integration of the engineering process and quality control standards with our fabrication facilities, and the day-to-day collaboration between our Engineering team those are located near our manufacturing facilities for better coordination and collaboration throughout the project manufacturing stages.
Upon completing the fabrication of the design in our factory, our team will deliver and install the components built in our factory.
Our in-house steel fabricators and welders are expert in all types of steel fabrication, and all our fabricators and welders are certified with more than 25 years’ experience. Also, our installation team is expert in installation and erection of various types of steel structures and buildings.
Galva Coat Engineering team provide comprehensive technical and end-to-end range of design services, from conceptual design, connection design to erection engineering for various types of structures by highly qualified and experienced Design Engineers & Detailers using state-of-the-art design and detailing software. We also have design service expertise required for complex, innovative structures and geometrical shapes which are built using a wide variety of sections.
Galva Coat is equipped with software such as STAADPRO for Structural Design and custom-made spread sheets for Connections and TEKLA Structures, and Auto CAD for Structural Steel Detailing.
Our expertise and experience in the construction of process plants for the PEB structures, Oil & Gas industry, poles, and guard rails enables us to provide multi-disciplinary project solutions. We can provide holistic services and cater to the project management needs of our clients

Galva Coat Industries, is proud to be a solution in the steel Industry, producing all types of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings Hot Dip galvanizing poles and guard rails according to the best and most advanced International Standards in partnership with our clients since 1995, we are proud to produce it locally and compete Internationally, crowning it with the pride badge "Made in the UAE"