c. Stadium Lighting High Masts
Turn night into day for concerts and sporting events using our stadium lighting masts. These majestic poles are intentionally designed with a head frame needed to carry a large number of flood lights, traditionally used in stadiums, parks, public arenas, etc. Our high Masts can also be equipped with protective wire mesh for safety purposes at any heights. 

Camera Poles

We have been fabricating quality security camera poles for leading companies and government entities. These poles can be manufactured in fixed or mid hinged, tapered  poles, with required shape to suit the  decorative architectural range.


Decorative Poles

These poles are thoughtfully designed for urban use in streets, gardens, parking lots, as well as for villas, and other luxurious purposes . Our designs  are both unique and traditional, providing a stimulating product for urban planners and architects

Flag Poles

Galva Coat will enable you to raise your flag with pride, allowing it to fly to custom heights on the highest quality, galvanized, and paint coated poles.




Hinged Poles

With the concept of low investment for street lighting on highways, we offer hinged poles that can reach up to an impressive 30-meters in height. Hinged Poles can give our clients the advantage of low maintenance cost without blocking the highways and disturbing the traffic, as this type of pole can be lowered without any special lowering means. It is also considered as a desirable option for use under overhead lines, as well as critical areas.

Monopoles/Scada Mast & High Masts (with all necessary accessories)

a. Antenna Monopoles

We can design and produce monopoles with any height to meet various transmission strength levels, and support strong connection through wide ranges and areas. These Monopoles are usually used for telecommunication purposes. 

b. Electric Transmission Monopoles 
Our electric transmission monopoles are popularly replacing lattice towers due to many  advantages such as: less area of land required, prompt erection time, appealing shape, and low maintenance cost.


High Masts with R & L Gears:

We have been fabricating quality high mast with raising and lowering gear system , These poles is a safe system due to reliable service hoist which raises and lowers the fixtures ring for maintenance purposes.

Galva Coat Industries, is proud to be a solution in the steel Industry, producing all types of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings Hot Dip galvanizing poles and guard rails according to the best and most advanced International Standards in partnership with our clients since 1995, we are proud to produce it locally and compete Internationally, crowning it with the pride badge "Made in the UAE"


Our sleekly designed poles (Street Lighting Poles, Solar Poles, Flag Poles, Traffic Poles, Monopoles, Hinged Poles, High Mast Poles with Raising & Lowering system, Stadium Mast and Power Transmission poles) are manufactured using up-to-date CNC & PLC machinery, with minimum manual handling. We utilize the highest quality raw materials from first class steel mills in many different countries around the world, in order to ensure adequacy of the raw materials, and have the unique advantage of the following facilities:

  •     The world’s largest folding machines (15 meter folding length of up to 50mm steel plates, variable settings, die setting & bending)
  •     Laser cutting machine (flat bars, tubes, etc.)
  •     CNC Punch machine (perforation, decoration, cable management system)
  •     One of the largest galvanizing plants equipped with the biggest galvanizing kettle in the region.

Galva Coat Industries creates and supplies the following types of steel poles:

Street Lighting Poles (Octogonal,Conical, Polygonal, Square Types, Tubular Poles, etc.)
Light the way on local streets, highways, parking lots, and more, with poles up to 14-meter height per segment. We offer the luxury of choosing different shapes; our poles can be designed up to any required length.


Traffic Signal Poles

Our sleek traffic signal poles are produced to meet authority requirements and  standards, and are optionally used for sign boards or traffic signs, with low maintenance as they are galvanized in house.