Galva Coat Industries, is proud to be a solution in the steel Industry, producing all types of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings Hot Dip galvanizing poles and guard rails according to the best and most advanced International Standards in partnership with our clients since 1995, we are proud to produce it locally and compete Internationally, crowning it with the pride badge "Made in the UAE"


Galva Coat Industries is proud to offer our hot-dip galvanizing service, allowing for the protection of our products for many years to come. Galvanizing is a process that coats steel or iron in a layer of zinc, allowing these products to be protected from weather effects, such as humidity or rain, therefore preventing rust and aesthetic decline. It is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed, and is easily identified by the crystallized pattern on the surface, often referred to as ‘spangle’. Galvanizing is one of the most environmentally friendly processes available to prevent corrosion.


We have the superior advantage of a high quality outcome from galvanizing our products.  Our facility is equipped with a large galvanizing plant that holds a kettle 15.5 meters in length, with a 2.2 meter width, and 3 meters in depth. The steel or iron is immersed in a metal bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450℃ (842℉). The zinc metallurgically binds to the steel to protect it from harsh environments, saving you the need for costly maintenance or replacement.


The main steps of the galvanizing process are

1- Cleaning Cycle (degreasing, rinsing, picking, rinsing)
The secret to achieving a good quality coating lies in the preparation of the surface. It is essential that the surface of metal is clean before dipping. Welding slag, paint, and heavy grease must be removed by the fabricator before it is sent for cleaning. Further contaminants are removed by dipping the component into an alkaline or acidic solution. Next, it is rinsed in cold water to prevent any further contamination. The steel is then dipped in hydrochloric acid at an ambient temperature to remove any rust and mill scale. 
2- Fluxing
Fluxing is the final surface preparation step in the galvanizing process. Fluxing removes oxides and prevents further oxides from forming on the surface of the metal prior to galvanizing. 


3- Galvanizing
In this step, the material is completely immersed in a bath consisting of a minimum of 98% pure molten zinc. The bath temperature is maintained at about 840 F (449 C). Fabricated items are immersed in the bath until they reach bath temperature. The zinc metal then reacts with the iron on the steel surface to form a zinc/iron intermetallic alloy.

INSPECTION - A variety of simple physical and laboratory tests may be performed to determine thickness, uniformity, adherence and appearance. Products are galvanized according to long established, well-accepted, and approved standards of ASTM A123/A123M, AS/NZS 4680, and BS EN ISO 1461.


4- Post-Treatment (quenching & passivity)
The post-galvanization treatment includes quenching the material with water or air cooling. Conditions in the galvanizing plant such as temperature, humidity, and air quality do not affect the quality of the galvanized material’s appearance. The component is finally dipped in the passivity tank to prevent wet storage stains or white rust, 

You are now left with a beautifully spangled product, setting it apart in quality and appearance. Here at Galva Coat, we are proud to protect your product, and in turn, protect you and your company from unseen future maintenance costs.