Continued research and development, together with extensive investment into modern technology, has now enabled man to develop severe weather enduring types of cladding. At Galva Coat Industries, our cladding comes with complete sets of accessories and flashings, with the most effective erection and fixing details, to make the final building  architecturally attractive and well protected. 


Cladding is a GI or aluminum roof and steel wall covering for any type of building. Our cladding system consists of different types of corrugated profiles, each with a specific function. We offer our contractors a wide range of unique features that can be used on all types of construction, and are all available in steel and aluminum of varying thickness, length, and color. 


We offer the following types of cladding:

Made from aluminum sheets used for cladding, and are produced from aluminum coils.

This is an exceptionally long life finish with a semi-matt surface. PVF2 has great elasticity at all temperatures and coated sheets can be cut, bent, or folded easily.

A galvanized steel sheet used for roof and wall cladding. Produced from hot dip galvanized steel coils, in order to cover small or large areas.

Our Sandwich panels are produced using polyurethane foam with external and internal sheets of aluminum or steel, of varying thickness, coatings, and colors. The corrugated profile is fixed for the outside face, whereas a shallow ribbed inner metal liner sheet is fixed for the inside. 

Flashings are sheet metal closures primarily used to provide weather tightness and a 

neater appearance at corners and junctions. They are mainly manufactured from 

pre-coated flat sheets.

Our translucent sheets are available in the same width as corrugated aluminum and steel sheets. They are ideal for reducing electrical lighting requirements by utilizing natural lighting from the sun, They are made from glass reinforced polyester. 


Galva Coat Industries, is proud to be a solution in the steel Industry, producing all types of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings Hot Dip galvanizing poles and guard rails according to the best and most advanced International Standards in partnership with our clients since 1995, we are proud to produce it locally and compete Internationally, crowning it with the pride badge "Made in the UAE"