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In 2008, Mr. Islam Ikhdayer proudly joined our office as Managing Director of Galva Coat Industries and is an existing member of our Group since 2012. Mr. Islam believes that a company’s workforce and ethical values are its most important assets. Under his leadership, our company has remained in a strong position in both local and regional markets. Mr. Islam is known for his ambition, as he is always striving to achieve excellence in all aspects of our business. He is passionate and qualified, allowing him to strengthen relationships and trust with our stakeholders. Mr. Islam’s thoughts are inspired by the UAE Leader’s Philosophy, that there is nothing impossible when it comes to achieving our objectives.
In addition to impeccable management, Galva Coat has committed itself to hiring the most talented candidate for each staff position:
Business Development Staff
Our sales department consists of a talented team of well-trained individuals, groomed to fulfill our customer’s queries and requirements adequately. 
Estimation Staff
Consists of highly competent engineers to ensure competitive pricing and reasonable costs against the quality of our products, to provide customers with more than what they pay for.
Customer Service Staff
Our Customer Services Team has been trained to attend to our customer’s requirements and are always striving to increase our customer’s satisfaction by addressing questions, queries, and any other needs. 
Engineering & Design Staff
Galva Coat is proud to have invested in a highly talented design and engineering team. Each member has strong hands-on experience of designing various types of steel products. 
Our Design Engineers are equipped with the most advanced software such as STAADPRO for Structural Design, custom-made spreadsheets for connections and TEKLA structures, and AutoCAD for structural steel detailing. 
Materials Planning & Procurement Staff
This team specializes in planning and procuring the best quality of raw materials used in our steel products. They work endlessly to find the best quality items to ensure your satisfaction.
Purchase Staff
Galva Coat deals with suppliers via our certified procurement team and ensures that we are provided with supplies that comply with authority requirements to utilize green resources and ensure environmental protection.
HSE Staff
Galva Coat maintains a strict ‘safety first’ philosophy among all the operations in the factory, and we believe that our laborers are the most valuable asset for our business continuity. Each and every step in our operations is well evaluated to eliminate the risks and ensure the safety of our workers.
HR Staff
Our HR Staff are professionals and experienced in managing our human resources department. They strive to always have qualified and competent staff and workers in our operation, by implementing a well-organized training system.

Galva Coat Industries, is proud to be a solution in the steel Industry, producing all types of Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings Hot Dip galvanizing poles and guard rails according to the best and most advanced International Standards in partnership with our clients since 1995, we are proud to produce it locally and compete Internationally, crowning it with the pride badge "Made in the UAE"


Dear customer,

From day one of Galva Coat Industries, we have been dedicated to quality assurance. This is our number one focus, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction by using the highest quality materials, while producing our products.. 

At Galva Coat, the sky is the limit. We encourage innovation from our employees, as we have invested in the tools needed to convert innovative ideas into a tangible reality. In fact, our development has gone beyond expectation, making Galva Coat an advanced national contributor to the accelerating development policies in the UAE. We have also adopted the highest international technology standards, making us a known worldwide competitor in the steel industry. We have employed machines and automated production lines managed by the top qualified experts in their field. All of this has led to our achievement of leadership at local and regional levels, and we are setting out with confidence towards global competition. 


Today, on the occasion of our Silver Jubilee of Emirati development, we contribute steel production and galvanization at the highest international standards. While remaining steadfast to our faith in Allah the Almighty, and through our attention to sustainable practices with the latest international industrial technologies, we declare our conviction and readiness to translate the UAE and Abu Dhabi leaders Visions (2030) into reality; delivering an elegant industrial model to befit the glittery affluence unique to the UAE. 

Our care for customer satisfaction, coupled with the passion to develop our nation with pride, is what sets us apart from all other companies in the industry. Our management is grateful for the customers and employees who have contributed to our success, and we are in turn humbled by the overwhelming positive response to our products and services. 
It is our promise to continue to strive for greater quality, to strengthen our commitment to the environment, and for ours to be a trusted name in the international arena.


We, meaning each employee at Galva Coat Industries, succeed because our customers succeed. Our vision not only entails customer satisfaction, but to provide them with unprecedented and unmatched service in the industrial sector of the UAE. Our company was built on the notion that there is an intrinsic connection between personal reward and financial reward. It is our express desire to produce tangible products and services that offer our clients greater value and quality than they expect to receive. 

It is our mission to protect our environment, provide fair economic opportunity, to work mindfully in order to ensure safety, and consider humanness in light of business affairs. In turn, we hope that our customers will depend on us to be there when they need us, in good times and in bad; to protect them the way we protect our products and company. 

For the last 25 years, Galva Coat Industries has been operating as an Emirati National Organization.

It began to meet the demands of the urban requirements and economic advancement in the United Arab Emirates in 1995 by the late Mr. Fatallah Abdulla Ikhdayer, who was inspired by the determination of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to develop our prosperous nation in a way no country had seen before. 

Mr. Ikhdayer devoted his efforts to contribute to the development of the United Arab Emirates. He was successful in establishing several infrastructural companies in the UAE, including the following specialized companies:

1.    Al Barrak Electrical Contracting Co, 1976
2.    Copri Construction Enterprises Est., 1981
3.    Al Sultan Industrial Cement, 1992
4.    Galva Coat Industries, 1995
5.    Al Barrak Crushers, 1997
6.    Al Barrak General Transport, 1989. 
Due to the rigorous quality of our products and services, Galva Coat Industries has received a remarkable increase in market shares and market place value, claiming more than 7,800  clients! We have exported our products to:
●    Saudi Arabia
●    Jordan
●    Oman
●    Kuwait
●    Qatar
●    Africa
●    Pakistan
●    Bahrain
●    India
●    The United Kingdom (UK)
We are very proud to have been an integral part of the growth of the UAE, and now many other countries around the world; we will continue to do so with the same quality, passion, and determination as we have done to date. 
As a result of our hard-work and outstanding performance in the manufacturing industry, Galva Coat Industries has been successful in winning the Sheikh Khalifa Industry Golden Award three times in 1999, 2001 & 2003. In addition, we have received the Special Environment Award as a recognition of our role in maintaining a sound and safe working environment. In appreciation of our distinguished persistence for our commitment to  ‘quality’ as an ideal approach towards achieving business excellence, we have also been awarded the Quality Appreciation Certificate in the 12th cycle of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (2013). 
At Galva Coat Industries, we have been certified for our Quality Management System since 1999, along with our Environmental Management System since 2001, and currently comply with the latest versions of both certifications (ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 14001-2015).
We also comply with the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety & Health System Framework (OSHAD-SF), an Abu Dhabi government initiative that was developed to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all workers in the Emirates. OSHAD-SF incorporates all of the necessary requirements from the relevant International Standards of Occupational Health and Safety System (OHSAS 18001) , Guidelines for the Auditing Management System (ISO-19011), and Risk Management Principles (ISO-31000), into one integrated system that also recognizes the commitments and aspirations of the Abu Dhabi government and the unique features of Abu Dhabi’s mandatory OSHAD-SF compared to conventional voluntary standards . By complying with all of these standards, we are recognizing the commitments and aspirations of the Abu Dhabi government, while maintaining the respect for our profession that it deserves. 
We are proud of all of our accomplishments thus far, and are looking forward to achievements to come.